Dialogue A
(A knock at the door)
Gretchen: Good morning, Dr. Hampton. May I come in?

Dr. Hampton: Good morning, Gretchen. Of course. How can I be of help?

Gretchen: Well, it's not about school, Dr. Hampton. It's just that Alan and I wanted to have a few people over for a dinner party to celebrate finishing my dissertation, and we'd like to invite you especially since you're chairman. Would you be able to come the weekend after next, on Saturday?

Dr. Hampton: I'd be delighted to, Gretchen. Saturday, did you say?

Gretchen: If that's all right for you and Mrs. Hampton.

Dr. Hampton: I'll have to check with Elizabeth, but I'm pretty sure 10 its'll be all right.

Gretchen: Good. If you could come around six-thirty or seven o'clock, that would give us time to chat a while over a glass of wine before dinner.

Dr. Hamton: That sounds fine. We'll be there around seven.

Gretchen: That would be great! Oh, I'm so pleased that you and Mrs. Hampton will be able to make it!

Dr. Hamton: Well, it should be fun. And you deserve it after all that hard work. But, say, Gretchen, will I have to start calling you Doctor Schmeltzer now?

Gretchen: Of course not, Dr. Hampton!

Dr. Hampton: Well, then can't you reciprocate by calling me, Henry?

Gretchen: Of course, Dr... I mean Henry - but it'll take some getting used to


1. Describe the speakers' relationship. What forms of address do they use?
2. Where does the conversation take place? What is the topic of conversation?
3. How does Gretchen introduce the invitation? Why is she being so flexible about the time in her invitation?
4. What kind of gathering is it going to be? Is anyone besides Dr. and Mrs. Hampton going to be invited?
5. What is the function of lines 24-26?
6. What do you think the guests will be wearing to the dinner party?
7. How formal is this dialogue?