Amanda and Elvira met five years ago. Amanda was working in London'. One day Amanda saw Elvira?. Elvira was a university student, but was doing a summer job'. She had come to the place where Amanda was working. As Elvira was leaving, she left a little message next to Amanda's computer'. Amanda phoned her and they met the same evening. Elvira and Amanda liked each other. One day a terrible thing happened. Amanda was run over by a car. She was badly hurt. Six months later Amanda was OK again. Elvira had helped her a lot. b Answer the questions about Amanda and Elvira using your own ideas. 1. What was Amanda working as? 5. What did the message say? a programmer for an IT company 6. When did Amanda phone Elvira? 2. Where did she see Elvira? 7. What did they like about each other? 3. What was Elvira working as? 8. What was Amanda doing when she was run over? 4. Where exactly was she working? 9. How had Elvira helped her?