Are you a workaholic?
Workaholic is a person who addicted to work. You will work long hours and beyond the requirement of the job. In fact, the workaholic person will forget anything like meal time, exercise, sport, and holiday. Workaholic addiction keeps someone in busy activity. Workaholic is not hard work because hard working enriches your life. But workaholic abuses your life because you will not enjoy your life. Workaholic put the job as the most important thing than family life, friends and health. Even if you spend your holiday with your families, but your mind is on work. Success is not about workaholic but it is about your integrity. When you live in workaholic stigma, you need to self-medicate to cure your psychological problem.

After you read the text above, you have to answer the following questions!
1). What do you think about workaholic person? Explain your answer at least 10 sentences!
2). Are you agree or disagree with workaholic? Explain your answer at least 10 sentences!
3). What is your suggestion or advice for the workaholic person who wants to recover from this habitual action? Explain your answer at least 10 sentences!
4). Read another text from the website about the story of popular workaholic person in the world, then retell the story about the person using your own language at least 10 sentences!
5). After your read the above text, what is the best proverb suitable with the content of the text above?