2. Read the letter on the box and answer the questions below.

July 20, 2022


Thank you for your delivery of "Swinger' dresses, which we ordered on July 4. However, we wish to draw of the red dresses supplied, one lot of 100 (size 12) included clothes of a lighter red than the other sizes.

your attention to two matters.

Since we deliver a collection of various sizes to each store, it would be obvious to customers that the clothes are dissimilar. In addition, the red belt supplied does not match these dresses. We are returning

two of these by separate mail, and would ask you to replace the whole lot by 100 dresses size 12 in the As far as your charges for air freight are concerned, we agreed to pay the extra costs which you invoiced. However, your costs for packing and insurance must have been lower for air cargo, and we request you to take this fact into consideration and to make an adjustment to the invoice amount. Would you please

correct color.

send us a rectified invoice, reduced accordingly.

We look forward to your dealing with these questions without delay.

Very truly yours.

a. Why are the dresses unsatisfactory?

b. Why would this be obvious to customers?

c. What do Matthews&Wilson as Grant&Clarkson to do?
d. Why do freight charges seem too high?

e. What adjustment do Matthews & Wilson want made?