how are you Linda? I (1)_____(hope) you are well. I am okay here. Winter is approaching and the weather is getting colder.
The cold winter (2)_____(remind) me of my picnic last autumn. Let me tell you about it. Last autumn, I went to a Park with my friends. It (3)_____ (take) us four hours to get there by motorbikes.
When i passed a railroad, suddenly my motorbike (4)_____ (stop) and (5)_____ (will) not start. I tried to drag it, but it was to heavy. I (6)_____ (be) terrified. My friend where calling me worriedly. At that time, I (7)_____ (think) I (8)_____ (will) die when the train passed by. Fortunately, at the last moment, one of my friends came to help me drag the motorbike from the railway line.
As I (9)_____ (remember) that moment now I realize how precious life is. (10)_____ (do) you have an unforgettable moment you'd like to share with me?