1. If they (have)_________time at the weekend, they will come to see us
2. Grandmother would be happy if we _____ (come) to see her.
3. If we (know)___________about your problem, we would have helped you.
4. If I (be)___________you, I would not buy that dress
5. We (arrive)____________earlier if we had not missed the bus.
6. If I didnít have a mobile phone, my life (not/be) ___________complete
7. Okay, I (get) ______________the popcorn if you buy the drinks.
8. If I (tell)_____________you a secret, you would be sure to leak it.
9. She (go)___________out with you if you had only asked her.
10. I would not have read your diary if you (not hide)___________it in such an obvious place.