The following sentences contain gerund (in boldface). Indicate their function(s) in each sentence. 1. Genetic engineering has been proved to be beneficial to agriculture and animal husbandry. The "pomato" was created by fusing potato and tomato protoplasts via tissue culture technique. 2. 3. The "geep" was the product of recombining goat and sheep cells. 4. Discovering the microscopic world of the genes will never end. 5. The gene splicing technology will lead us to the creation of new products. 6. Scientists all over the world will keep on doing research on plant genetics improvement. 7. Many of modern plant varieties are created via DNA recombining. 8. The researcher starts observing the symptom of nutrient deficiency on swamp rice. Besides investigating the physical properties, the scientists study the chemical and biological status of soil in swamp area in Tanjung Jabung. 9. 10. The base fertilizers should be applied to the soil before planting the crops. Assignment Make your own sentences employing present participle, past participle, and participial phrases (5 each)