Vocabulary Enrichment Fill in the blanks with words from the text

1. The children walk on the of the village. 2. Although his name is Aminuddin. He is ..........Unyil.

3. All the police try to find the child who......... in the forest.

4. I put my papers on the table. But I did not find them. Somebody..... my papers.

5. To complete the task, the students should.....their observation at the end of the report.

6. The seminar is divided into three....of time. The first is the presentations.

7. The lives of the people in the refugee is not.... They do not know what will happen to them to the next day.

8. If we want to make our school better, we have to.....the old rule of this institution so that we can build new image of this school.

9. It is not wise to differ people from their........ because we are same in the God's view.

10. It is your turn to.....the name of the prophets.

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